BCS Group

255 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 803
Toronto, Ontario M3B 3H9 Canada

Tel 416 421 7997
Fax 416 421 8418

Helmut Dostal, President
Tel 416 520 8956

Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Vice-president
Tel 416 421 7997 Ext. 319

FTP site uploading instructions

Visit www.bcsgroup.ca and follow the on-screen instructions for BCS FTP, also please:
  • Follow all ad submission instructions and mechanical requirements from publication rate card
  • Compress all files except .pdf – don't send .exe files
  • Place files in appropriate folders within the FTP site or use the general folder
  • Include advertiser's name in the file name (e.g. advertisersadname.sit, NOT homefrontad.sit,)
  • IMPORTANT: In order for us to accept the files, please send an email directed to outlining what was uploaded, what publication it is for and the name of the BCS ad sales representative, if known.